A New Madrasah System For Our Community

New Curriculum

Some features of the new curriculum and education system:

Starting with a transition period from September 2022:

From September 2022, we will start the new curriculum with the youngest children, and make transitional arrangements for older children to fill gaps in previous learning and align their learning to the aims of the new curriculum as far as possible.

Ages 5 to 14

We have additional programmes for older teenagers 14-18. Please see the menu for our Youth Mentoring Programme and Learned Youth Programme.

2 Iterations

+ Optional extra-curricular activities and classes may be organised

1 Campus

Hamptons Centre, CM2 9FH


£600 per annum

Payable in 2 instalments: £300 before starting, £300 at the start of the second term. 


Enrolment now open for 2023/24


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