Madrasah FAQ

What does Makarim mean?

Makarim can be translated as ‘noble character traits’.  The name Makarim Academy was chosen because it perfectly conveyed our aim: to perfect the moral character of our children.

What is the objective of the Makarim Academy?

Our objective is simple: To deliver Islamic education to our children which makes them proud, confident, and resilient believers, and leaves  them with lasting positive memories. 

What will my child study?

At Makarim Academy, every child is encouraged to develop their intellectual curiosity and deepen their spiritual insights through our learner-focussed curriculum which covers:

The aim of this subject is to ensure that students know the proofs of Islam, recognise the threats to iman and know how iman grows with amal.  

The aim of this subject is to build a spiritual relationship with the Qur’an and put young people on a path of understanding the Qur’an in Arabic.

The aim of this subject is for children to be connected to the direct words of the Prophet ﷺ, as a means of spiritual nourishment and barakah and for them to learn from his words directly.

The aim is that students will learn how to pray, fast, and fulfil their key obligations with a focus on meaning and spirituality.

The aim is to have a direct and positive impact upon the students social lives and how they interact with other people.

The aim is to equip students with those skills that will help them grow socially and boost their academic potential.

The aim is to teach students the content of character, good personality, and spirituality as a dedicated subject so it is properly understood and practised.

Do you focus on character education and how will you teach this?

The team at Makarim Academy will continuously look at ways to enrich the madrassah experience by cultivating regular opportunities for students to properly understand and practice outstanding akhlaq and tarbiyah.  Character education features heavily in our curriculum in many ways: it is a priority subject with engaging content and dedicated contact time; direct observation; extra-curricular activities that foster these traits; consistent reinforcement through our reward systems; our behaviour policies and regular school-wide communications. We will also work with our parents and the wider community to find novel ways in which to celebrate students that have demonstrated these exemplary characteristics. In summary, along with knowledge, understanding and exam results, character will be evaluated and celebrated at Makarim Academy. 

Who will teach my child?

Your child will be taught by an experienced team of educators, who are all enhanced DBS checked and will have undertaken a rigorous training programme delivered by Shaykh Shams Adduha and other notable leaders in Islamic pedagogy. At Makarim Academy, our overarching objective is to deliver an outstanding Islamic education tailored to our students. To achieve this, we know that we must also learn and develop as teachers as well as continuously review our systems to ensure they remain aligned to our core objectives. 

Do you take children with SENs?

We did originally take some children with SENs in our first year based on some limited capacity. We do not have the resources to take any more children with SENs as we have no further capacity. By capacity we mean staff who are trained to work with children who have SENs.
For now, we will consider children with SEN on a case by case basis. If your child has an SEN, you must inform us and provide his or her EHC plan to us. If your child is admitted without this information, and we come to know of an SEN after admission, we will ask you to take your child out. It is not safe nor responsible for us to take children with SENs without the necessary resources and capacity in place.
We are having discussions with the CMS committee on how we can support children with SEN in the future. 

How will my child progress be monitored?

We will use a range of methods: a range of assessment strategies specific to the nature of the subject taught, regular reports, and effective communication with parents. We are also exploring technological solutions that will help do this in more effective ways. 

How can I support my child to progress at Makarim Academy?

Progress is accelerated when content learnt in class is reinforced at home.  To support you in your educator role, we will offer parent workshops, on-demand learning tools and regular practical guidance on how to help your child. 

Where will my child be studying?

All of our children will benefit from the outstanding facilities at the Hamptons site and some will also attend the upgraded Chelmsford Mosque site.

Tydemans, Off Beehive Lane, CM2 9FH, Chelmsford

13a Moulsham Street, CM2 0HU, Chelmsford

What are the timings of the school day?

The school follows the mainstream academic calendar.  The school will run during term-time and will operate a weekly schedule as follows:

All sessions are at the Hamptons.

An academic calendar with term and holiday dates is also available.

What is the attendance requirement?

We operate a strict attendance policy which is designed to safeguard your child’s learning potential. School places are contingent upon your child’s regular attendance so please ensure that you are ready to make this commitment prior to enrolling your child.  Our attendance policy is available upon request.

Can I enrol my child for one of the two days?

No. All children must attend both days to ensure that they take maximum benefit from the Madrasah.

Is there a weekend-only option?

No. There is not a weekend-only option at this time. 

Can my child purchase snack or lunch items at the school?

At present Makarim Academy does not operate a canteen or provide school meals. Food and drink items may be purchased directly from the suppliers at Hamptons such as the Marconi café and Shezan or from the shops close to the Chelmsford Mosque. Should Makarim Academy introduce snack or lunch arrangements at a later date, we will let parents know.

Will my child be required to wear a uniform?

Makarim Academy expects all of its members to dress modestly and in accordance with Islamic principles.  Once we have completed our transitionary phase, we may introduce a school uniform policy. Details or changes to our clothing policy will be publicised as necessary. As a general guide, please ensure your boys and girls wear loose clothing, and girls fully abide by the rules of hijab. 

What essential equipment will my child need to bring with them to school?

Children are expected to bring their own supply of stationary and a water bottle to school each day (all personal items should be labelled). You may, on occasion, be asked to contribute towards the cost of your child’s personal textbook or other such resource. 

At what age can I enrol my child?

Makarim Academy offers Islamic education to all children aged 5 to 14 with additional programmes for those 14 and older.  

What is the fee structure and how can I make payment?

Our fees are charged per child per annum.  

Parents who wish to pay the full upfront annual fee at the start of the academic year will be offered a 15% discount. 

Payment must be made electronically and in advance of each academic term. The current payment instalment dates are 1st September, 1st January and 1st of April.  

We also offer a 10% discount for each additional sibling enrolled.  

There is also a 10% early bird discount if the first instalment is paid by 17th September 2022 (not applicable in conjunction with full upfront payment).

We do not charge a registration fee.  

Is there a subsidy or 'difficulty paying fund'?

We may offer limited subsidised fees for those parents facing financial hardship.  Whilst these subsidies are discretionary, we will ask for confirmation of hardship and may verify these details with any relevant authority.  Please do contact us if you wish to enrol your child but are facing genuine hardship.  

How do I enrol my child?

Please click this link to enrol your child: